2019 Trends to Follow in Video Marketing

On top of dealing with thousands of brands competing for their business on one hand, it seems a lot of consumers are dedicated to holding their smartphones and tablets around the clock in the other hand.

There’s a lot of noise on the interweb, and to grab the attention of users, you will need to cut right through it to make sure your brand is seen. You need to follow trends, and here are some of them for 2019.

Live video

Since the audience feels like you are directly addressing their needs, live video is powerful. And since they are allowed to ask questions and make comments, many will use that opportunity to interact with you and your brand. Since the viewers are more engaged on a personal level, they will stick around more.

Things brands like to use live videos for include live tours, interviews, Q&A sessions, webinars, demos, tutorials and showcasing new products.

Business "vlogging"

People use vlogging to record various aspects of their day-to-day experiences. This could be an exciting vacation or something mundane like making breakfast. These days, many business owners are venturing into the world of vlogging, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Reason being that vlogging helps them connect with their viewers and make them more relatable.

Virtual reality

2019 is the year virtual reality is expected to reach the mainstream, further cementing its reputation as an emerging trend. This will coincide nicely with its greater accessibility. The impact virtual reality will have on the global economy is expected to reach $29.5 billion by the year 2020, as reported by Statista.

Youtube ads over TV ads

According to a Nielsen study sponsored by Google on mobile viewing, compared to any prime time cable network, YouTube is viewed by more adults in the 18 and over demographic. This means more and more brands will be using YouTube in 2019 to gain a wider viewership for their video ads, particularly those viewers who don’t care if an ad pops up before they consume video content.

360-degree videos

If you want a create an interactive and one-of-a-kind experience for your audience, then you can’t go wrong with 360-degree videos. Their growth is projected to increase into the foreseeable future. With these videos, you can tailor the experience to your particular audience and immerse them in the message you are trying to deliver with great emotional effect.

With these trends to follow in regards to video marketing in mind, you can get ahead of the competition and stay there, from 2019 and onwards. In order to make sure that your audience are watching every video you put out, remember to make it helpful, on top of entertaining.

Now, ready, set, roll the cameras!

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