Why Building Trust Online is Important

Why Building Trust Online is Important

Building trust is important; this is a fact that is true for any business and shouldn’t be overlooked. When it comes to gaining a competitive edge and brand loyalty, trust is one of the strongest weapons in your company’s arsenal.

Once you understand why trust is crucial to your brand to begin with, you will unlock the secret to building it with your target audience.

Trust helps manage reputation

Your brand has a reputation that is bigger than itself, and trust is a major contributor to it. Just keep in mind that trust needs to be earned; it’s not something that your customers owe you. You earn it through thoughtful and intelligent interaction with your customers.

It is also earned by sustaining multi-channel consumer relations, which includes your website, email and social media accounts. Also, it is done by realising that you’re not always going to have a perfect interaction with your customers; it is all about promptly contacting them to solve any issues they may be having and improve customer satisfaction.

Figures that show why online trust is important.

A whopping 83% of customers say they would be more than happy to recommend a brand they trust to others, as revealed by a North American Hutrust-conducted study. Spreading word of mouth is something that is extremely easy to do, especially in the digital age. It only takes a tweet by one person using social media to reach thousands of people or more, spreading the word about a positive interaction they had with your brand. You’d be surprised just how many people pay attention to things like that.

So, because online trust in greatly valued by your consumers, it should also be the same with you.

For instance, look at online reviews. It is difficult to refute that they are ultimately influential, despite their controversial nature. And a single bad review can appear online and damage the trust you’ve worked so hard for, even if it takes the situation out of context.

Let that sink in for a second.

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as traditional word of mouth from family and friends – maybe even more, according to a survey by Search Engine Land. Similarly, a one-star or two-star Yelp review can negatively impact your conversion rate by 90%, as revealed by professionals at Reputation X.

You might be thinking these studies only represent a minority. If so, you are in for a shock. 92% of customers regularly read reviews online these days, according to a survey conducted by Per Vendasta.

Ultimately, you need to realise that you are competing with other brands for customers. You probably have people working for you with similar qualifications. Your products and services might even have a similar price point.

However, what can make a difference is the way in which you interact with your customers. Actually, this may be the one thing you are in control of when it comes to your business. And if you don’t use it to build and sustain trust with your customers, you might as well be leaving money on the table.

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